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How to stay healthy while travelling?

Are you planning a personal or business trip and wondering how you will maintain your balanced diet?

Just because you are away from home, doesn't mean you need to give in your old or bad habits. There is always a way to stay healthy either in transit, in the air or even at your final destination.

Here are 6 tips that will help you stay healthy:

  1. Stay Hydrated! Always carry a bottle of water with you everywhere!! Hydration cannot be emphasized enough so make sure you drink at least 2L of water per day.

  2. Walk, walk, walk! Consider the benefits of walking for both exercise and explore the city that you have visited.

  3. Include colour in your food! Make sure you add greens in your plate by ordering salad before your main meals! The fact that you are on holidays does not mean you have to forget your healthy eating habits.

  4. Do not get yourself hungry! Try to have small and frequent meals approximately between two to three hours.

  5. You do not have to eat everything! Do not let holidays or trips ruin your process so far. Be careful with buffer tables. (If you have a buffer go just once and eat just what you have put in your plate).

  6. Try to avoid ready and processed foods such as plane or airport foods. They are very high in sodium so it is better to pack some healthy travel-friendly snack options with you. Examples include unsalted nuts, fruits, or even healthy cereal bars.

Bonus tip: Do not forget to get rest and take some extra time for yourself. Eat with moderation and what you eat, eat it with joy and mindfully!


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