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Public Health Nutritionist

Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management



My name is Maria Pieri and I'm a qualified Public Health Nutritionist with specialisation in Weight Management and Obesity.


I have studied Public Health and Nutrition at Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom. During my studies, I voluntarily participated in various activities and programs on health and nutrition. I have also attended and participated in a number of seminars presented by remarkable scientists. During my studies, I have been awarded the "Bronze Hallam Award" for the academic year of 2015-16 from Sheffield Hallam University for my involvment in a number of volunteering activities and for the skills that I have developed. Additionally, I have been nominated by peers and mentors for the "Inspirational Student Award" for the same academic year. In 2018, I have completed my postgraduate studies in Obesity and Weight Management at University of Chester in the UK. My dissertation was entitled "Mediterranean Dietary Trends according to Different Age Groups of Greek Cypriot Adults".


I like to be informed about health and nutrition issues and my goal is to motivate people to have a healthy lifestyle by making small changes in their eating lifestyle habits.

Some of the organisations or companies that I have worked with in the United Kingdom:

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