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Are summer fruits fattening?

Summer fruits due to their intense colors, aromas, flavor there is a confusion and the wrong impression that they are higher in calories than fruits of other seasons. For each season, fruits are produced to serve exactly the needs of each season. Summer fruit is a cool choice in the heat as it is rich in water (80-94%) and does not contain fat and cholesterol. They contain vitamins, they are a good source of fiber and they are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Another frequently asked question is whether summer fruit helps in weight loss. Well, if we consume them in a normal quantity, they would clearly help us. Indeed, due to their sweetness they can be an excellent dessert or a perfect dinner with the combination of protein such as low fat cheese or cottage cheese that both are good source of protein and low in fat. If they are replaced by our main meal clearly the quantity we are entitled to is bigger.

Remember in a balanced diet there are no good and bad foods, as everything is allowed with moderation!


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