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Foods that can help us to decrease our stress levels!

Did you know that certain type of foods, if inputted in our diet, can help oppose and decrease stress on a daily basis?

Firstly, coping with daily stressors of life can cause an increase in the levels of cortisol in our system, which increases your appetite. In women, the increase in appetite tends to lean towards carbohydrates particularly sweet food. However, the more we eat the moodier we get as cortisol causes a bigger problem. It activates an enzyme in our fat cells which transforms cortisone into cortisol, increasing its levels in our system. Taking into consideration that our abdominal fat cells (at the belly around our vital organs) have more of the specific enzymes, stress causes the concentration of most fat at the abdomen of many women. The higher the stress levels the higher the presentation of abdomen fat.

Foods including:



Chamomile tea

Green tea



Dark chocolate



can help to fight daily stress by adding them to our daily diet.


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