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Eating out or ordering takeaways while dieting?! Tips!

You don't always know exactly what's in takeaway or restaurant meals or how they're cooked. Unfortunately a lot of the food is likely to be higher in fat and calories than the food we eat at home.

  • Don't be afraid to ask about the ingredients and cooking methods. You are the customer and they should be happy to advise you.

  • Remember portion sizes are often much bigger than you would eat at home. Share portions with a friend or if a big portion arrives decide how much you will eat before you start eating. Ask for a half portion of meat/main course with a double portion of vegetables or salad.

  • Enjoy wonderful mixed salads with only tiny splash of dressing.

  • Avoid high fat and fried meals. Ask to swipe fried to grilled chicken or fried chips to baked or mashed potato or vegetables.

  • Remember that the bread basket is one of the worst things a restaurant can do. It's a great way to fill the empty calories before you get your meal. Whenever possible, make a pass to the basket with bread.

Challenges and temptations are everywhere! You should learn how to overcome them and always remember your goals!

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