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Does eating salt make you gain weight?

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

To start with, the salt itself has no calories, so it does not make you gain weight. However, it is capable of affecting the metabolism and the way our body absorbs fat. It is not the salt itself that contributes to weight loss but the fact that most salty foods are processed and contain high amounts of fat and sugar. Think of foods with high salt content such as chips, cookies, cheese or processed ready meals. Consuming these foods causes an increase in the weight of water or makes you feel inflated. Consumption of salt does not increase body fat directly but can increase fluid retention. Therefore, reducing salt will help you see faster results in weight loss.

It is important to know that salt is an important electrolyte and is essential for our body. Although, taking right amounts of salt is important as the chronic overdose of salt can lead to a number of health problems including increased blood pressure and obesity. It is recommended that the general population should consume up to 6 grams of salt a day which is much lower than the average salt consumption which is 8.1 grams per day.


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